Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cyber Insurance - The Newest Business Insurance

Businesses have to protect themselves with all kinds of insurance – liability, health and life insurance for their employees, property insurance, directors/officers insurance, etc.

Comment on Bad Science that could Raise Your Car Insurance by ...

Robert Tulip: I have read your comment three times. It now seems clear to me that you have been “shopping”, picking the bits that support astrology with a science “flavour” and ignoring anything that disproves it.

No Insurance

My job recently downsized and I had to get an individual insurance policy. The new carrier will not cover my pre-existing condition until 6 months after coverage. This means that I have to now pay for my prescriptions.

Dog bite liability exposure concerns insurance carriers

Many of the large homeowner's insurance carriers are either refusing coverage or increasing premiums for homeowners who have dogs that are of certain breeds.

Time to drop Progressive Insurance

AFA update: Bill O’Reilly says George Soros and Progressive Insurance Chairman Peter Lewis are leading enemies of traditional values Billionaires George Soros, an investment banker, and Peter Lewis, chairman of Progressive Insurance: ...

eventplannersassociation: New Insurance Company (New Members)

The Event Planners Association is proud to announce that we are officially open for business. If you need insurance, legal assistance, or marketing services for your company, please contact us.

Treo 650 insurance

To whom it might concern;. I have a palmone treo 650 which I purchased almost 2 years ago. Since I purchased the phone I had problems with the software, synchronizing, internet etc.

Careful! Don't cash that auto insurance check!

A case of quick, or simply sneaky service? If you have been in an auto collision where your vehicle has been damaged, and you get a check right away from the insurance company -- DO NOT CASH IT.

Comment on Reed in the Post by car insurance progressive

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Is single-payer health insurance an answer to US healthcare problems?

The American healthcare system is often heralded as the most advanced, efficient system of its kind in the world.